Leading People to Christ

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I used to say that there is no greater joy outside of your own salvation experience than getting to lead someone else to Christ. Over the years, though, I have changed my mind. I believe that there is one greater joy: teaching someone else and then watching them lead someone to the Lord.

Many of our churches talk a lot about evangelism. Most people know that they should¬†share their faith, but nobody has ever told them how to do it. A teenager once said to me, “My whole life I have been told to go and tell people about Jesus, but until today, nobody ever showed me how to do it.”

The booklet How to Share the Plan of Salvation will teach you a simple way of sharing your faith. It’s so easy that even a child can understand it, and it’s easy to teach as well. This booklet lays out the plan of salvation according to several simple steps, each with a simple stick-figure drawing to match. This drawing gives the learner a pattern that will guide him as he shares the Gospel.

Imagine that you are on an airplane and the pilot makes an announcement saying that he has good news and bad news: the bad news is that the plane is getting ready to lose a wing; the good news, you get to choose which one. It doesn’t matter which wing you lose, you’re going to crash either way. The same is true with your personal witness: On the one hand (wing), you have the way you live. On the other hand (wing), you have the words that you say. If you live a good life but never tell anyone why, then your witness will be as effective as that one-winged airplane. However, if you tell people that you know and love God but you live like someone who never met Him, nobody will want your Jesus, no matter what you say. ¬†To be an effective Christian witness, you need both wings: how you live as well as what you say. The following method will teach you what you can say…so live it and tell it and have fun watching God use you to change the lives of others.

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