Take a Nap

You sit down and relax back against the trunk of a tree. The ground is moist here but the coolness of the air is very satisfying. You close your eyes and fall asleep. You must have been more exhausted than you realized because when you awake, it’s dark. And something is moving nearby. You fumble for your flashlight. Suddenly this oasis doesn’t seem so safe. You scan the area around you and see yellow eyes peering at you from the water. Slowly you stand and begin to back away. You head back to the cave but something is in front of you. It’s a crocodile. Actually, there are multiple crocodiles. Everywhere you look. They are all around you. You try to sneak your way out but there is no escape.

You have lost this quest.

Backtrack for a second chance or proceed to the Final Devotion.

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