Search the Area

You circle the pond and are halfway around when you realize that something is moving in the water. You stand still and watch. There are some fallen logs in the water that you quickly realize are not fallen logs at all. They are crocodiles. Lots of them.

You look around you—They are also in the trees, laying in the march. You backtrack your path to the rock cave. You have found fresh water and have also successfully identified the danger that lurks around it. You are thankful that you were alert and cautious as you re-enter the cave and follow your way back to where you last saw your friends. 

You find your friends trying to climb one of the jagged cliffs. Apparently they are trying to get a better view of the island. You hurry to them, waving your arms and calling up to them. They are not very high because the cliff is steep and the rocks are unstable. They carefully climb down, talking about how climbing the cliffs isn’t a good idea but that they saw a fire burning nearby. You tell them about your experience and pass around the water bottle. Then you go with them to check out the fire. 



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