Go Right

The passage slopes downward. You carefully move forward, making sure that you don’t slip. A few bats flutter overhead. You round a corner and can see light streaming in through a small hole. The passage ends. You remove a few rocks and realize that you’re looking down on valley that is sunken in the middle of the cliffs. You can see water. You carefully climb down. At the bottom of the cliff you can see that water is trickling out from the rocks at the bottom. The ground here is marshy. You reach down to taste the water. It’s fresh! You wet your tongue and then rush through the mud and marsh to a small pond where you drop to your knees and drink the fresh cool water. 

Although it’s wet, it’s very comfortable here. Even the air seems cooler. The area is thick with trees. You relax for the first time since coming to the island. You pull out the empty water bottle from your backpack, wishing you had a canteen or something bigger. But at least you can take some water to your friends. 

Now what do you do?


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