Climb the Coconut Tree

Even though all of the coconut trees are tall, you find the shortest of the tall trees that is somewhat bent and looks like it might be easier to climb. You begin inching your way up. It’s hard and slow and you fall several times before taking off your belt to use it for leverage. You wrap the belt around the trunk of the tree and pull with both arms, placing your feet on the trunk. You’re now able to walk up the tree although it’s a hard strain on your arms and back. You’re almost to a group of coconuts when you hear something in the tree canopy around you. Something is moving. You turn to see a monkey. He hisses at you. You slip and tumble to the ground. 

Ouch! You jump to your feet, thankful that nothing is broken. You can hear lots of monkeys above you angrily chattering. They are descending, swinging branch to branch. If only they would throw coconuts at you—At least then you’d have something to drink. But here they come! You have to get out of here. 

What do you do?


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