The following Illustrations Library has been provided to help you build your own teaching sessions.

Using Illustrations
  • Be careful not to lose your point in the package. The best and most memorable illustration is of little use if it doesn’t have an effect. Be careful not to get so wrapped up in the illustration that you neglect to clearly convey your point.
  • Games are illustrations too, just a bit more active. Please seeĀ Recreation Sessions for some fast-paced, competition-oriented teaching illustrations.
  • We live in a very visual society. If you can, with your key points, don’t just say them; show them.
  • Remember your audience. To whom are you speaking: Junior high? High school? Leaders in your group? New believers? Are they knowledgeable in the Word? Do they have special needs?
  • Illustrations are effective when you make God a part of it. Prayerfully invite Him into what you are doing as well as what you are saying.
  • Help our Illustration Library grow. Please send us specifics on illustrations that you use to impact the students in your ministry. For more details go to ourĀ Submitting Ideas and Materials section.

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