Travel Talk Podcasts

The purpose of Travel Talks is to stir family spiritual conversations in the car and on the go. Each series is comprised of fun short segments, each of which gives the listeners a question and then asks them to stop the recording, go around the car and take turns sharing their answers.

Travel Talk 1 – General Topics

In Travel Talk 1 join ventriloquist Kolby King and his puppet-friend, Jay the monkey as they take a humorous adventure through a variety of topics:

Travel Talk 2 – The Mystery of Faith

n Travel Talk 2 you will be challenged as a family to solve a series of riddles and to answer family questions while learning more about the mystery of faith:

Christmas Travel Talks

Join ventriloquist Kolby King and his puppet-friend, Jay the monkey, for some Christ-centered Christmas fun:

A Christmas Story for Families

Two days before Christmas 1992 the phone rang in the pastor’s office. A lady on the other end simply said, “We need help.” And so a story begins, where a pastor will learn “to the extent you do it to the least of these,” Jesus said, “you do it to me.”

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