Spanish Resources

The following resources are great for evangelism in Spanish-speaking areas:

Plan of Salvation based on the drawing presentation from the “Overflow Training Manual.”

Plan of Salvation for Wallet – The wallet-sized version of the plan of salvation is formatted to be put together like a small booklet and inserted into a tract carrier that can be ordered from The American Tract Society ( – Search for Product #60993). Since it has a clear cover on the inside, you can insert the booklet on one side and put a white piece of paper behind the clear plastic on the other side. Then your students can carry dry erase markers so that they can draw the plan of salvation on one side while reading or guiding the person they are talking to in reading the Spanish on the other side.

Helpful Websites – Check out the American Tract Society’s selection of Spanish Tracts. – Has developed Spanish video evangelism using iPods. – This website is very helpful with pronunciation. Just select Spanish and the sound for a demonstration.

See other Spanish Resources by three-thirty ministries.

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