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Camp Theme

This year we’ll be teaching the kids about the 10 Commandments, helping them understand the greatest commandment of all and how God didn’t give us the commandments to save us but as a mirror to help us see our need for a Savior. Since we’re emphasizing the commandments so much we will also  greatly emphasize that only Jesus saves. This year at camp we want our kids to discover truth and encounter Jesus.

Invite Your Friends

Order Your Camp Shirts

Email us with your order and we’ll send you an invoice. Then we can either bring your shirts to camp or ship them to you. These shirts are usually navy blue but you can also  customize your color and even add your church name to the back.


  • $10 for 10 or less
  • $9 for 11-19
  • $8 for 20 or more.(Includes customization with your church name)

These prices are only good through July 1 and are only for pre-orders. Prices at camp will increase to $10 for campers and $12  for sponsors.

Let us know your order at resources@threethirtyministries.org.

Pre-Camp Rallies

It’s true with every camp: “Lost students can’t give their lives to Christ at camp…if they’re NOT there.”

But how can you really get your kids excited about coming to camp and bringing their lost friends? By giving them a taste of camp during the spring. We are available to come to your church or association and lead a pre-camp rally. We are also available to share in the public schools of your town and to lead a one-night outreach event that will present the Gospel, challenge your regular attenders and reach beyond the walls of the church to people in your community.

Learn more about how to bring us to your church at www.330events.org.

See what pastors are saying about our outreach events HERE.


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Children’s Bible Lessons

To help students experience God’s Word in a colorful, fun, surprising and creative manner; to ignite in them a hunger that leads them to dig in, crawl inside, explore, enjoy and live out God’s truth.

Children only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they see, and 30% of what they hear and see. They are concrete learners, which means they retain 80 to 90% of what they do, touch, smell, taste, and help teach. Therefore, these lessons are packed with a teaching style that will help them to:

Find it. Taste it. Touch it. Make it.
Know it. Grow it. See it. Show it.
Live it!
  • –The following lessons don’t mention “camp” since they might be used for both younger and older children but they lay a foundation for understanding who Jesus is, what salvation is about and seeks to bring to surface other life situations that your kids might be facing.
  • –During these lessons, be sure in give your camp-age kids information about camp and to encourage them to invite others their age to camp as well.

Pre-Camp Lessons

Series: Way Beyond Myself (Miracles of Jesus) – These lessons are written to be easily usable both in a small group classroom as well as a large group children’s worship setting.

After-Camp Lessons

Series: What’s Your Story?

Take a look HERE at hundreds more of the children’s resources available to you…provided by Kolby King and 330ministries for a simple donation.

After Camp Group Activity Ideas

Build bridges between what your kids experienced and learned at camp and follow-up activities back home.

After Camp Ideas.pdf

Children-Girl-Blowing-Flower-270x300Sponsor Helps

Basic Sponsor Expectations.pdf

Suggestions for Helping Students with Problems.pdf

Leading a Discussion Group.pdf

Family Group Dynamics.pdf

Putting Kids to Bed at Camp.pdf

Be Ready to Lead Someone to Christ

Leading a Child to Christ(PDF booklet)

Download a plan of salvation app, watch a video and more HERE.

Talking with Student about Decisions

Explaining Baptism.pdf

Talking Tips.pdf

Sample Decision Form.pdf

Prayer Request Form.pdf

Extra Resources

Check out our online store at 330resources.org for easy ways to share God’s truth on a child’s level. 

Other items include:

How to Order: Email us with your order and we’ll bring your items to camp. Or order them online and we’ll them shipped to you.

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