Creating Opportunities to Share Christ

How do you create opportunities to share Jesus with others? If you have a friend that is lost, how do you bring it up without feeling awkward or off-the-wall. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask, “Can I tell you about the greatest thing that ever happened to me?” If they say, “yes,” then share your salvation testimony. If they say “no,” then it’s probably a bad time and there will be a better time later.
  • Look for situational opportunities: Is something going on in this person’s life that might be making them think about spiritual matters? Did heaven or God or Jesus just come up in a conversation? Did someone just use God’s name in vain and you can kindly explain to them how important that name is to you?
  • Use Gospel Tracts. This is a simple way to give the Gospel. You can pass these out to strangers or to friends. If you give one to a friend, later on ask, “Did you get a chance to take a look at what I gave you?” (You can find great tracts for all ages at
  • Pray and ask God to open up doors for you to share His love with others.
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