Stay at the Fire

You throw more wood on the fire. Soon it’s blazing bright and you also make a torch from a branch. You face the dogs who growl and yelp but keep their distance. You throw a few rocks at them and they eventually move off. 

As you settle back down, you see the lights of a boat coming toward the beach. It’s almost dawn and rescue has arrived. They saw the fire from a distance and have come to help. 

You have survived the island. You may not have made all the best choices but you have ultimately ended this quest with the best outcome. 

You spend the rest of your life sharing the tale of your island adventure. You develop a great love for bananas, a passion for pineapples, and a strange quirk for videos of coconut-throwing monkeys. 

You have survived this quest. Congratulations!

Proceed to the Final Devotion.


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