Family Devotions

“Special Times” are weekly, family-fun, action-packed, easy-to-lead family devotions. Set aside one night each week for a “special time” where you and your kids can have family fun together and learn valuable lessons from God’s Word. No advanced planning is needed. Anyone can do this. Just grab your special time devotion for the night and it will tell you what to do and what you need, if anything. To make these devotions even easier, we have designed them to use items that are commonly found in most homes.

For more suggestion on how to lead a family devotion, take a look at:
The Nine Commandments of the Special Time

Check HERE for family devotions that are prepared for church distribution.

Series 1 – General Topics
Series 2 – General Topics
Series 3 – The Christmas Season
Series 4 – Sailing the 7 C’s
Series 5 – Teach Me to Pray
Series 6 – The Faith Hall of Fame
Series 7 – No Compromise
Series 8 – Great Stories
Series 9 – 20 Questions
Series 10 – General Topics
Series 11 – Old Sayings
Series 12 – Thanksgiving

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