Share Jesus

Welcome to the Evangelism Library where you will find training and tools to help you be effective in sharing your faith in Christ. However, sharing Jesus is not about tools and methods; it’s not about church visitation and programs; it’s about that fact that you have been with Jesus and you are “unable to stop speaking the things which you have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20). When Moses came down from the mountain, having been with God, his face shined. This was the result of having been in God’s presence. When a believer’s heart is full to the brim with God’s life and love, an overflow is inevitable. Sharing Jesus is simply the natural overflow of loving and walking with Him, but many times we make sharing Jesus much harder than it really it. The tips and tools you will find in this library are simple and easy and aimed at helping you to have confidence in sharing the good news with others.

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“Overflow” Training Manual

The “Overflow” book contains four parts:

  1. Sharing Jesus–explains how to share your salvation story and the Plan of Salvation with special explanations on how to share with children.
  2. Making Home Visits–explains the basics of visiting in people’s homes as well as the different kinds of visits one can make: evangelistic visits, Sunday School visits, ministry visits, church-strengthening visits, and hospital visits although these technically aren’t a “home” visit.
  3. Sharing in the Decision Room–shows details about how a person can help share Jesus during church events and includes special chapters on dealing with assurance of salvation and explaining baptism to a child.
  4. Weekly Thoughts–includes twenty stories and key verses upon which a person can reflect for the purpose of stirring people with a passion for lost souls.

Audio Resources

The Plan of Salvation Training Podcast explains how to share the Gospel by using the drawing method that is taught in the “Overflow Training Manual” and easily understood by all ages.

Listen to the Plan of Salvation presented without any training comments. Below are two samples–one short and one longer, presented by different people, and in their presentations, though using the same method, you can see the differences that come out of their personalities. Learning how to share Christ with the drawing method as seen in the “Overflow Training Manual” is not about memorizing a presentation but letting the drawing be a guide for sharing the truths of Scripture.

Other Training Resources

Training Pamphlet–This pamphlet that shows how to share the Plan of Salvation, written the way a person might present it without the training comments that are found in the “Overflow Training Manual”.

Memory Verse Card–This front-and-back card contains verses from the Plan of Salvation, as seen in chapter 4 of the “Overflow Training Manual,” but also showing how they correspond to the Plan of Salvation drawing.