Children’s Ministry Training

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More than 15 hours of children’s ministry training. Listen to these audio sessions online or on the go.

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  • Audio #1 – Making a Difference (26 minutes)
  • Audio #2 – Making the Bible Come Alive (65 minutes)
  • Audio #3 – Control Tools (15 minutes)
  • Audio #4 – Leading Small Groups (54 minutes)
  • Audio #5 – Teaching through Games (37 minutes)
  • Audio #6 – Discipline Opportunities (27 minutes)
  • Audio #7 – Recruiting Volunteers (37 minutes)
  • Audio #8 – Sunday School Boosters (86 minutes)
  • Audio #9 – Safety and Security (19 minutes)
  • Audio #10 – Starting and Leading a Children’s Worship Service (84 minutes)
  • Audio #11 – Creating Themes and Illustrations (29 minutes)
  • Audio #12 – How to Build Your Own Lesson (20 minutes)
  • Audio #13 – Planning Events (56 minutes) including How to Plan a Successful Fall Festival (76 minutes)
  • Audio #14 – Outreach (36 minutes)
  • Audio #15 – Inreach (27 minutes)
  • Audio #16 – How lead a Child to Christ including information on how to clearly explain the Gospel on a child’s level, how to know when a child is ready to receive Christ, how to share your salvation story with children and more (73 minutes). Also learn how to prepare a decision room, how to lead an invitation with children, how to talk with kids about baptism and what comes after salvation. (32 minutes)
  • Audio #17 – Making Home Visits, Follow-Up Visits, Hospital Visits and more (131 minutes)

An entire audio library by a children’s ministry expert to help you succeed in making a difference in the lives of children. Purchase full-access below.


To make these resources affordable for churches of all sizes and in other countries as well, we have reduce the price to a DONATION. The suggested annual subscription amount is:

  • $35 for individuals
  • $125 for churches of less than 250- Give access to all your leaders!
  • $250 for churches of more than 250- Give access to all your leaders!
  • By giving more, you will bless us and help to cover the cost for those who cannot afford the entire suggested price, especially those in other countries who are currently using these resources.
  • We will contact you one year after you subscribe to renew your subscription.

Once your donation is complete, you will be redirect to a page that will contain your login code – you’ll also get it by email.

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