Book – Everyman’s Inferno

“I screamed by my ears heard nothing. I cried but my tears burned dry. I writhed in pain as a man baptized within a pit of hot embers, blanketed only by the boiling oil of Adam’s sin…No image of horror; no concept of torture; no reasonings of pain; no nightmare of any grade thoughtout all time and beyond could conceive such suffereings, such hellish lamentations, such death. Ah! The dark thought of that dark country causes me now to tremble from fright such that my memory bathes me still with sweat.”

  • Is Hell real?
  • How could a God of love create such a place?
  • How can so many tell so few?

Prepare to be challenged by this short 111-page fiction story of a much truer reality. The appendix of this book also contains a sermon by Jack Hyles called, “Four Calls of the Soul Winner.” We want to thank Reverend Hyles for his permission to include this powerful message.

Book – Everyman’s Inferno

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