Let the Cat Out of the Bag

YOU WILL NEED: 1 small object


We have five questions that we’re going to use in a game. I’m going to read the question. Then each of us gets to guess what we think everyone else’s answer for the question will be. We’ll keep track of how many each of us gets right but you have to be totally honest.


-What is my favorite color?

-What is my favorite food?

-What is my favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings?

-What is my favorite thing our family has done since Christmas?

-What is my favorite TV show?

Count how many points each person in your family has and announce the winner.


ASK: Have you ever heard the expression, “Don’t let the cat out of the bag”? What do you think it means?

SAY: Saying, “Don’t let the cat out of the bag” is another way of saying, “Don’t let the secret out.” In old times, farmers would take a piglet in a bag to the market to sell. Some crooks would put a cat in the bag instead, and if the person buying the bag didn’t look inside, they might end up buying a cat, which wasn’t worth much, instead of a pig. That’s where the saying came from—it’s about something that someone wants to hide.

ASK: Is it wrong to have secrets? (It depends on what the secret is—There are good secrets and bad secrets.)

ASK: What would a good secret be like? (A surprise party or a special present.)

SAY: Good secrets are usually fun and exciting. They don’t hurt anyone and don’t have anything to do with someone doing something wrong. Usually good secrets are revealed in the right time too.

ASK: What’s an example of a bad secret?

SAY: Bad secrets are things that need to be told. The “cat” needs to come out of the bag and the secret needs to be known. Here are some questions that can help you decide if you’re keeping a secret that needs to be told:

-Hold up ONE finger: Does this or did this secret hurt you or someone else?

-Hold up TWO fingers: Does it worry you?

-Hold up THREE fingers: Are you hiding it because you or someone else did something wrong?

-Hold up FOUR fingers: Are you hiding it because you would be embarrassed if people know?

-Hold up FIVE fingers: Did someone tell you not to tell anyone about it?

SAY: If anyone ever does something and then tells you NOT to tell anyone, it’s usually a BIG sign that you need to tell someone.

ASK: Is there anything that you would like to talk about or to ask me before we move on? Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to tell me or ask but haven’t?

ASK: Do you have any “bad” secrets that you’ve been keeping?

SAY: Always feel free to talk to me about anything and everything that is going on in your life.


Have your children face away from you and close their eyes or leave the room for a minute while you hide a small object. See how long it takes for them to find it. Then let them hide the object for you to find.

SAY: It’s easy to hide things from people, even secrets. But…Can a person hide anything from God? (No. God sees everything—You can’t keep a secret from Him.)

Listen to what the Bible says about how God sees everything…

Read Hebrews 4:13 from your Bible

“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

SAY: God knows more about what is happening in your life than you do. Talk to Him about everything and always talk to us too.


Take a few minutes to list any family prayer requests and to pray. Be sure to pray for any situations that are mentioned.

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