One Way


-Your Bible marked at John 14:6


Choose a large area in your house where you can be on one side and your children on the other side. For example, you could stand on one end of the living room and they could stand on the other. Or you could stand at the top of the stairs and they could stand at the bottom. Tell your kids that you have a very special challenge for them. They have to cross from where they are to where you are without…(Depending on what the room is like, you’ll have to fill in the blank here. You want to make it impossible for them to come to you. For example, in a room you could say, “Without touching the carpet or crawling on the furniture.” For stairs, you could say, “Without climbing the stairs or touching the banister.”) When your kids begin to complain that it is impossible, tell them that there really is a way for them to do it. Challenge them to figure it out. The key is that you want them to ask you to come to where they are, pick them up and carry them to where you are. Eventually you might need to give them hints and once they solve it, carry them to where you are.

SAY—There was only one way you could get from there to here, and there’s only one way for us to go to heaven. Just like the game, we can’t get there on our own. That’s the reason Jesus died and rose again—to make a way for us to go to heaven and to know Him and to have a meaningful life here on earth too, but not everybody is going to heaven.

ASK—What did you have to do to get to this side? (You had to ask me to come to you.)

SAY—The only people who are going to heaven are those who have asked Jesus to come into their lives. (Take about a minute here to tell your kids when and how you gave your life to Christ.)

Read John 14:6 from your Bible.

(If you have older children, ask them if they would like to read it.)

PRAY—List prayer requests and thank God that He made a way for us to know Him and to go to heaven. Pray that your children will give their lives to Him when the time is right or if they’ve already been saved, pray that God will use them to tell others about Him.

(If your child has questions about how to give his life to Jesus, you can find an easy way to present the plan of salvation by downloading the “Heaven?” iPhone app or by clicking HERE.)

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